Time for an AC Upgrade? Watch for These Signs!

- 8:48 am - August 30th, 2020

As a Connecticut homeowner, you have been relying on your central air conditioning system or your ductless mini-split AC system to battle the warm weather that we’ve been dealing with. If that sounds right, would you say that your cooling equipment is keeping up with your needs, or is it falling behind?

If you notice any of these signs when using your home cooling system, you may be due for an air conditioning upgrade! Not only will an upgrade improve your air conditioning system’s cool coverage, but it’ll save you on utility costs as well!

No Cool Air

This probably won’t be difficult to notice! If you’re feeling warm air instead of cold air coming from your AC, your system could be out of refrigerant, or its compressor could be failing.

Poor Air Flow

While this could be caused by debris buildup or dirty filters, it can also be another sign of compressor failure and an impending breakdown.

Signs of Water Leakage

Any moisture found pooling up around your AC could be either water or refrigerant. Either way, get it checked out!

Noisy Operation

Squealing, grating and grinding sounds that are coming from your AC system will be more noticeable than the normal background sounds you’ve gotten used to.

High Utility Bills

Over time, AC system efficiency degrades. With that degradation, your utility costs will begin to increase – in spite of the fact that you use your AC as much as you did during the previous years.

If you notice any number of these issues, be sure to contact Sound Energy right away! With the end of summer around the corner, the last thing you need is an air conditioning system on the brink of a break down. We’ll help you choose the perfect, modern, high-efficiency air conditioning system for your home and we’ll install the new system with expert precision.