Don’t Forget About Your Heating System’s Annual Tune-up!

- 3:18 pm - September 18th, 2019

It’s fall already! That means winter is just around the corner – and your heating equipment has been sitting idly. Is it up for the challenge of yet another Connecticut winter? An annual tune-up will help keep your heating equipment in top shape, and if done in a timely manner, prevent minor issues from causing major hiccups later on.

How do annual tune-ups help?

  • Annual tune-ups done on a regular basis helps prevent an increase in fuel consumption due to a loss in efficiency

  • Since your fuel consumption is kept in check, that means your heating costs won’t increase

  • Also, annual tune-ups allow Sound Energy technicians to check up on your system regularly. They get to know your equipment, and they’ll pick up on anything that’s out of place during the tune-up

  • You can rely on your heating equipment for a longer period of time, because as our technicians adjust, check and test your system, it’s kept in optimal condition.

Before the winter is the most ideal time to schedule an annual tune-up, so be sure to schedule yours soon! You can also save additional money when you sign up for a Heating System Service Plan. Our service plan includes your annual tune-up, around-the-clock emergency service and priority response. Call or contact us online today to schedule your annual tune-up and enroll in a service plan!