Protect Your Heating Equipment!

- 4:12 pm - April 22nd, 2020

No matter how hard your furnace or boiler works during the heating season, it needs the same level of care and maintenance that your car and your health do! Luckily, it’s easy to keep up on your heating system’s regular maintenance when you sign up for a service plan with Sound Energy!

Our heating system service plans offer everything your furnace or boiler needs to stay…

  • Clean. Clean equipment tends to operate more effectively, allowing for better airflow which in turn provides better coverage in the home.

  • Efficient. With our technicians checking over your equipment regularly you can rest assured that it’s utilizing fuel in a cost-effective manner. The more efficient your system is, the lower your heating costs will be!

  • Operational. By keeping on top of the small repairs your equipment needs, the risk of a breakdown is significantly reduced. What’s more, the frequency of which you need repairs throughout the year is lessened.

  • Safe. A properly cleaned and tuned-up heating system is far safer for everyone in the home than one that has been neglected

Get your year-round peace of mind when you sign up for a Sound Energy heating system service plan, and make sure your furnace or boiler stays clean, efficient, operational and safe for years and years. Contact us today to learn more or to enroll.