Sizing Up With Sound Energy

- 2:56 pm - June 12th, 2018

When shopping for your new air conditioning system, there’s more to high efficiency than just picking the one with the biggest condenser and highest SEER rating. Many other factors also come in to play, and only the best dealers in the industry know how to find the right-sized air conditioning system for your home. What does size matter? Here are a few benefits that come with a properly sized air conditioning system:

Humidity Control

Air conditioning systems that are appropriately sized cycle long enough for moisture to condense on the coils and drain away. Meanwhile, oversized units have shorter cycles since they output larger volumes of conditioned air, resulting in improper dehumidification, which can leave you feeling uncomfortable during the summer.

Noise Control

Properly sized air conditioning systems aren’t constantly cycling on and off, which reduces the noise level significantly. This is due to the smaller (and appropriate) volume of cooled air and longer cycle times – and also because the compressor and fan motors aren’t over-sized and so they don’t create as much noise during operation when compared to systems that are too large.

Financial Control

Larger air conditioning systems cost more to run – because they use more energy! Electricity consumption increases along with the size of the unit, and if it won’t function properly due to its size, your throwing even more money away. The right size air conditioning system will increase efficiency and save you money!

If you believe you purchased an air conditioning system that’s too large (or too small) for your living space, contact Sound Energy right away! We’ll be able to let you know if you need to go up or down in size and help you save on energy costs while maintaining optimal comfort.