It May Be Time to Upgrade Your A/C Unit

- 10:00 am - March 22nd, 2023

Has your air conditioning system left you disappointed in the past? This is your sign to finally make those upgrades you’ve been thinking about! Your outdated cooling system has most likely lost efficiency over the years, costing you more money for less comfort.

It’s probably time to upgrade if your air conditioning has any of the following issues.

  • Having a hard time producing cool air
  • Requiring more maintenance than usual
  • Leaking liquid at the base
  • Making loud squealing or grinding noises

Improve your home’s energy efficiency and upgrade your A/C unit with help from Sound Energy! With a brand-new, high-efficiency upgrade, your home will use less energy yet provide more cool air and comfort. Thanks to our high-quality comfort equipment, reducing energy expenses has never been easier. Sit back and relax with a brand-new cooling system that will keep you comfortable while saving you money for many summers to come!

Sound Energy is here for all your home comfort needs!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 203-655-2539  or contact us online today to get started.