Choose Your Method of Comfort Control

- 11:13 am - November 11th, 2020

When it comes to controlling the comfort inside your home, there are many choices available to Connecticut homeowners! From the simplicity behind a programmable thermostat to the innovation of a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat and the hands-free control offered by learning thermostats, the only way to control your home comfort systems is whichever one is right for you!

Here’s a look at how each of these thermostats differ, so you can make the best choice in your home:

Programmable Thermostats

Remember that popular saying, “Set it and forget it!”? It applies to programmable thermostats, too! These thermostats allow homeowners to set a variety of schedules for their hectic day-to-day lives, improving their energy usage and preventing the home from being cooled or heated when no one’s around.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

These innovative thermostats give homeowners control of their heating and cooling systems either from a central control in their houses or from their own smartphones! Many also utilize an optional GPS feature using a smartphone’s location, adjusting the temperature inside the home when someone leaves or returns to the area.

Learning Thermostats

Imagine never having to adjust the temperature in your home again! It’s possible with learning thermostats. After a week or two of regular adjustments, these thermostats learn the homeowner’s preferences at different times throughout the day, and adjust accordingly without being prompted to do so. Many of these thermostats also offer additional features, such as energy-saving modes, and energy usage reports.

How are you controlling your home comfort systems? Save money on energy costs with a brand new programmable, smart or Wi-Fi thermostat! Contact us online today for more energy-saving tips for the heating season, and to learn more about our heating and indoor air quality solutions.