Top 5 Common Boiler Problems & How to Fix them

- 9:00 am - January 11th, 2023

With homeowners cranking up their heat to stay comfortable during the chilly winter weather, it isn't uncommon for boiler issues to occur. To ensure the comfort and safety of our customers, here are 5 common boiler problems that can occur, as well as how to fix and avoid them.


Leaks coming from your boiler can be caused by several different factors. If you find that your boiler is showing signs of surface corrosion on the boiler casing or pipework, a high-pressure gauge or damp patches below the boiler, it's likely that your system is suffering from leakage.

2)Pilot Light Keeps Switching Off

The pilot light is a device that holds a continuously burning flame in order to ignite the burner (typically found in older boilers). To check your pilot light, remove the access panel next to the gas control knob box. If you find that your pilot light is frequently turned off, it could be from a deposit build-up or a poor working gas regulator.

3)No Heat

If you find yourself constantly shivering, clattering your teeth and throwing extra layers on no matter how much you turn up the thermostat, it's likely that your boiler is failing to provide consistent heating to your home.

4)Strange Noises

Hearing odd noises coming from your home but you're not sure where they're coming from? It may just be your boiler. Inefficient or broken boilers often make whistling, clicking or tapping noises. This can be caused by the deterioration of interior boiler components, as well as sludge build-up.

5)Low Pressure

Low boiler pressure can impact your entire central heating system, making it harder to properly heat your home. Low pressure can force your system to overwork, costing you more money and burning higher amounts of fuel. To keep track of your boiler's pressure, check its built-in pressure gauge. Problems normally occur if the pressure is below 1.

How to Fix & Avoid These Issues

If you are frequently running into these issues, don't spend countless hours and dollars trying to fix it yourself. The professionals at Sound Energy have all the necessary tools and expertise to get your boiler up and running as soon as possible. Our technicians can get the job done no matter how severe it may seem.

A great way to avoid these problems in the future is to:

  • Upgrade your heating equipment with Sound Energy's wide inventory of high-quality systems
  • Sign up for our top-notch heating service plans to give your system the protection it deserves
  • Give us a call for your annual heating equipment tune-ups

To learn more about our services and how we can help, visit our heating service page or give us a call at 203-655-2539 for details.