One Last Fuel Delivery for Peace of Mind!

- 3:50 pm - April 10th, 2019

The weather might be warming up – but that doesn’t mean you should be putting your heating oil storage tank out of your mind just yet! Believe it or not, although the heating season is over, there’s still a need to keep your tank full, even during the warm months. But why?

Water accumulation!

When water makes its way inside the oil storage tank, it can cause:

  • The formation of sediments

  • The growth of bacteria

  • The tank to rust

Water doesn’t just play a role in the corrosion of the tank, either. Sediments that form in the tank can be inadvertently drawn into the heating equipment in the home, which can cause damage and result in costly repairs down the line.

Automatic delivery to the rescue!

There’s no surefire way to keep water out of your tank, but you can help by keeping your tank full! A full tank leaves less space for water to accumulate, which reduces the impact it has on your system. With our automatic delivery service, your tank stays full – even at the end of the heating season!

Need to fill up your tank before going off and enjoying the sunshine? Contact us online today to schedule your next delivery, or sign up for automatic delivery and put it out of your mind!