Keep Your Heating Oil Costs Manageable

- 9:56 am - March 25th, 2020

Now that the heating season is behind us, we can take a look at those heating costs! It’s a well-known fact that Connecticut homeowners spend 80% of their heating budget over the span of the heating season - just a few short months out of the year! Imagine, however, if you were able to spread your annual heating costs over the entire year, making your payments smaller and more consistent.

That’s exactly what our budget plan can do for you!

When you enroll in our budget plan we’ll take your annual heating costs and divide it into even monthly payments. This way…

  • You’ll always know how much your fuel is going to cost month to month

  • You’ll automatically be billed for your fuel, so you don’t have to pay in person or over the phone

  • Your monthly bills will remain consistent so you won’t have to worry about market prices or how they affect your costs

  • Your heating costs will be much more manageable and easier to budget around!

You can take advantage of our budget plan as an automatic delivery customer and double your peace of mind! As an automatic delivery customer…

  • You’ll have the fuel you need on hand at all times

  • You won’t have to monitor your tank levels

  • You’ll never have to call to place an order for delivery

  • You won’t have to be home for each delivery

Having a full tank all year long means comfort when you need it. Contact us online today to find out more about our budget plan and automatic delivery service - and how they can both work for you.