Fuel Delivery 

Sound Energy knows that delivery plans should be smooth, seamless and there when you need them. Our family-run business is here to take care of all your fuel delivery needs. To improve your heating system’s efficiency, lower maintenance costs and reduce pollution, we supply a premium blend of low-sulfur heating oil. And to ensure your complete satisfaction with our fuel, we offer modern conveniences like automatic delivery and monthly budget plans.


Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call
You never have to call to schedule delivery   You must call several days in advance
You don’t have to monitor your oil gauge   You must periodically check the gauge
You don’t have to be home for each delivery   You have to wait at home for the delivery
You are billed automatically   You pay in person at time of delivery
You can take advantage of our Budget Plan   You must pay on a per-delivery basis


Call 203-655-2539 or contact us online to enroll in automatic heating oil delivery.


Monthly Budget Plans vs. Per-Delivery Billing
Your annual fuel cost is divided into even monthly payments   You pay for each delivery
Your monthly bill stays consistent   Prices fluctuate according to the market
You are billed automatically   You pay in person or over the phone
Makes managing finances easier   Requires planning around fuel prices
Gives you peace of mind   Gives you more to think about 


When you become a Sound Energy fuel delivery customer, we first ask about the size and heating, cooling and hot water usage habits of your family, and show you samples of what other homes like yours use. This helps give you an idea of what to expect from Sound Energy, and helps us ensure you never spend a night without heat or hot water. After that, we track your annual fuel usage and yearly weather trends in order to help you stay prepared for each season. You’re always in good hands with Sound Energy.


Emergency Delivery Service is Available 24/7/365 — Call Any Time, Day or Night!