Your Heating Oil Supply Is Safe in Our Hands

- 3:54 pm - October 4th, 2021

As the temperature starts to dip for New Haven residents, you’ll want to know your heating oil supply is consistently and readily available for you to use as you and your family see fit. After all, it’s hard to know exactly how much fuel you’ll need this heating season compared to previous heating seasons.


With automatic deliveries, however, we’re able to accurately predict when you’ll need deliveries and make them in a timely manner! As an automatic heating oil customer you’ll no longer have to worry about…


  • Checking your heating oil storage tank levels frequently

  • Remembering to call and place an order for heating oil

  • Timing your order to avoid running out of fuel before you receive your delivery


In addition to being less hands on with your heating oil deliveries, you can also take advantage of our heating oil budget plan, which helps you manage your fuel costs throughout the heating season by splitting your total cost evenly into monthly payments.


Don’t wait! Become a Sound Energy customer and sign up for automatic heating oil deliveries today to ensure your fuel supply for the coming winter. Call or contact us online to get started.