On The Road To Summer Relief

- 9:00 am - July 14th, 2022

The morning commute is rough enough as it is, but when you add traffic and detours into the mix, things just become frustrating! The same concept can be applied to the ductwork of your air conditioning system, and the “commute” your cool air takes to bring you some well-deserve relief from the summer heat. The metaphorical traffic jams and detours can happen in a few different ways…

Roadblocks can be caused by a pile-up of debris, dirt and dust that’s been drawn into the ductwork through the return vent. This slows down the “traffic” (or airflow) and can also damage the ducts themselves.

Lane Closures are a lot like kinks in the flexible ductwork of your air conditioning system. Often caused by the way the duct is run around sharp corners or through tight spaces, it impedes the airflow and leaves you sweating.

Detours happen in your air conditioning system’s ductwork when the design of the system isn’t up to par. It’s sometimes overlooked, but the sizing and length of the ducts can cause air temperatures to rise before it reaches the destination, resulting in weak airflow and warm air.

At Sound Energy we know all about the problems that can arise within the ductwork of your newly installed air conditioning system, and we’re prepared to fix them for you when you need to get that cool relief sooner rather than later. Avoid detours, lane closures and roadblocks in your air conditioning system and contact Sound Energy today!