Prepare for the Unexpected Weather with Sound Energy

- 10:30 am - May 3rd, 2018

The “bomb cyclone” that put us through heavy snowfall, low temperatures and strong winds in early January was unexpected – as was the prolonged exposure to cold weather well into the spring season that we’ve experienced. Was your heating system up to the challenge of a longer lasting winter? Did your tank remain full to help you get through it? If not, Sound Energy can help!

Emergency Heating Service

Being prepared means knowing your options – if your heating equipment should give out on you during times of high demand, our emergency heating services are available 24/7/365.

Annual Heating System Tune-Ups

Knowing that your system is ready to take on the next bought with winter is important and easily accomplished with our preventive maintenance performed annually on your heating system. Not only will it help extend the life span of your heating equipment and boost its efficiency, it’ll also allow our technicians to detect and correct minor issues before they become major problems and lead to a mid-winter breakdown.

Heating System Service Plan

With an annual fee, your entire heating system can be covered by our service plan. Under this plan, you’ll have access to preventive maintenance (as mentioned above) as well as an allowance that covers the replacement for various important parts of your system.

Automatic Fuel Delivery

Have you ever forgotten to order your home heating fuel? Imagine that happening during a winter like the last one! With automatic delivery you gain peace of mind knowing that we’ll be on top of your deliveries – you’ll always have fuel in your tank when you need it without having to check your fuel levels or call for a delivery.

Our array of services gives us the ability to keep you safe, warm and protected the next time an unexpected turn of weather happens. Learn more about our services and get ready for the next time Mother Nature throws us a curveball by contacting Sound Energy today.