Don't Forget to Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

- 8:38 am - March 21st, 2019

Your air conditioning system has been sitting outside, exposed to the environment, for the entirety of the heating season – how sure are you that it’ll turn on when you need it to? You can be very sure with an annual air conditioning system tune-up from Sound Energy!

With regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system in advance of the summer season, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce your annual energy expenses

  • Avoid suffering through a breakdown or costly repairs

  • Extend the life span of the equipment

  • Ensure the air conditioning system is ready for the dog days of summer

  • Rest assured that your equipment will run reliably and efficiently all season long

Keep in mind, also, if your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old an upgrade might do you more good than just simply maintaining an old system and “throwing good money after bad” as they say. Luckily, our technicians are also experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to air conditioning system installation and upgrades, too!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your central air conditioning system to a newer model, or you want to get rid of those ugly, energy-wasting window air conditioning units, contact us online or give us a call to get started.