Allergy Control in the Fall & Winter

- 11:52 am - August 19th, 2021

There always seems to be an emphasis on allergies during the spring and summer seasons, but the truth of the matter is that allergies aren’t only an issue in the warmer months. The fall and winter seasons can introduce different allergy triggers that bring about the same symptoms we’re all too familiar with.

Luckily for Connecticut homeowners, Sound Energy’s indoor air quality solutions work just as well against fall and winter allergens as they do against spring and summer allergens!

Equip your home with the latest in indoor air quality equipment from Sound Energy, including:

UV Lamps

Installed within the home’s HVAC system, UV lamps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that commonly grow on the system’s coils and reduce the likelihood of these harmful contaminants from being circulated into the home.

High Density Media Filters

There are particulates of many different sizes floating in the air, and a high density media filter is built to catch those on the larger end, such as ragweed pollen and spores. These particulates also happen to be a common cause of allergy flare-ups!

Electronic Air Cleaners

Similarly to how UV lamps are installed within the HVAC system, electronic air cleaners also work with heating and cooling systems to capture and eliminate allergens and other pollutants that often make their way into the home through the HVAC equipment and the ductwork.

If you were bombarded by spring allergies this year, don’t think you’re off the hook when the heating season arrives! Protect yourself and your family with new indoor air quality solutions from Sound Energy. Call or contact us online today to get started.