Gear Up for Clean Winter Air

- 4:47 pm - December 27th, 2018

There are few things we want floating in our air, and it just so happens that many of them are more prominent during the winter. At Sound Energy, we have the Indoor Air Quality solutions you need to protect your home from the things you can’t see that are dirtying up your indoor air.

Fend off things like…

The dry winter air with a whole-home humidification system that can help balance the level of moisture in your home’s air, protecting your family’s comfort and the wooden furniture and structure of your home.

The common cold, which seems to travel more frequently during the winter season, can be squashed with an electronic air cleaner that helps combat 90% of germs and bacteria that find their way into your home.

The mold and mildew that resides inside your ducts and your heating equipment is circulated when using your heating equipment. Equipping your home with UV germicidal lights blast away any germs, mold, or mildew that attempts to make it way into the air you and your family are breathing.

You can’t remove the winter chill from the outdoor air, but you can certainly remove any unwanted particulates from your indoor air to keep your family safe and comfortable all winter long. If you have any questions about the array of indoor air quality products we offer, contact us online now!