Gear Up For Winter With Automatic Deliveries

- 10:00 am - September 12th, 2023

As the breeze comes in with a bit of a chill and the sun begins to set a little earlier, we’re reminded that the colder seasons are approaching.


As you prepare for winter, it is important to make sure that your home always has a reliable supply of heating oil and there is no better way than with automatic delivery! Many of our customers monitor and track their fuel levels independently, however enrolling in automatic delivery will save you time, money and give you peace of mind.  


In moments when life gets hectic and you simply forget to order fuel or when the winter is suddenly bitter and you end up using more heat than expected, it’s possible to forget to monitor your fuel tank and suddenly run out! Fortunately, enrolling in our automatic delivery eliminates that worry completely!  


In order to get your fuel to you exactly when you need it, we use a degree-day monitoring system to calculate the weather. Using this system, along with calculating the patterns of your past fuel usage, the staff at Sound Energy can deliver your fuel to you exactly when you need it so that you and your family can enjoy a comfortable home all year round.


To get more information about automatic delivery contact us and enroll in our service to gain the peace of mind you deserve this winter.