What's All the Fuss With Ductless?

- 8:44 am - April 22nd, 2019

Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are the latest innovation in home cooling solutions. If you have yet to experience firsthand what a difference these ductless ACs make in a home, you’re missing out on some major benefits! Whether you’re using them to supplement your central air conditioning system or to cool your entire home, ductless mini-split ACs provide homeowners with…

  • Excellent Efficiency – Ductless ACs boast high efficiency ratings, and they utilize smaller equipment allowing them to use less energy.

  • Ideal Installation – Because they don’t require ductwork, the installation is quicker. This decreases any “downtime” in your comfort!

  • Awesome Air Quality – Each indoor unit filters out the air, helping to remove excess dust from the home. The lack of ductwork also reduces the amount of dust being circulated.

  • Minimal Maintenance – Ductwork needs to be cleaned regularly, and sometimes needs to be repaired. Although filters still need to be changed for ductless ACs, there is no ductwork to clean or repair.

Overall, ductless mini-split air conditioning systems save you money thanks to their efficiency and smaller size! If you’re looking to upgrade your AC system – or, if you find some rooms in your home could use an extra cooling boost – contact us online and ask about our ductless AC installation!