Keeping You Warm With Automatic Delivery

- 10:45 am - January 22nd, 2019

Connecticut’s already gotten a taste of the winter, with freezing temperatures and snowfall in late January…and chances are, we aren’t out of the woods yet! When the weather gets this cold, your heating system works overtime to keep up with your household’s demand for warmth, which means more fuel being used.

With the increase in fuel use, are you keeping more of an eye on your fuel levels? When you enroll in automatic delivery with Sound Energy, your fuel levels no longer have to be a concern to you! We help ensure you will have all the heating oil you need to stay warm no matter how much snow and ice we get.

As an automatic delivery customer, here’s what you don’t have to worry about:

  • Monitoring your fuel levels
  • Calling to schedule deliveries
  • Waiting for the fuel to arrive
  • Running out of fuel!

While you’re more hands off when it comes to tracking, calling and scheduling your fuel deliveries, there are a few things you can do to help make deliveries go faster!

  • After a snowfall, be sure to clear a path leading to your tank or fill pipe. This keeps our drivers safe as they navigate your property, and allows them to work quickly and efficiently


  • Clear snow, slush and ice from vents located outside your home, and don’t let snow sit on top of your outdoor tank for prolonged periods of time. Also, clear any overhanging icicles that could fall and damage the tank.

If you choose to continue ordering your own fuel on a will-call basis, please be sure to call at least 24 hours in advance so that we have ample time to fulfill your delivery request. To learn more about our automatic delivery service, or to schedule a delivery, contact us online today!