Defend Your Heating System Against the Effects of Normal Wear and Tear

- 9:42 am - September 7th, 2021

We can’t prevent wear and tear from happening to your heating system, but what we can do is help lessen the impact it can have on your home comfort with our comprehensive Heating Service Plans!

Our Heating Service Plan provides year-round peace of mind with…

Protective Maintenance which includes:

  • Oil burner cleaning and vacuuming (when necessary)
  • Cleaning and inspecting strainers and atomizers
  • Complete motor lubrication
  • Inspecting and adjusting controls and ignition
  • Energy efficiency testing

As well as Replacement Coverage for the equipment’s most important parts, including:

  • Burner fan
  • Burner motor
  • Cad cell
  • Primary control
  • Motor coupling
  • Thermostat
  • Aquastats (single & dual)
  • And more!

With this amount of coverage you can rest assured that the heating equipment you rely on for your comfort during the heating season will be properly maintained. Additionally, normal wear and tear won’t result in costly and expensive repairs or replacements!

Call or contact Sound Energy today to learn more about our Heating Service Plan and sign up before the heating season begins.