Winter Upgrades Bring You Savings & Comfort

- 4:12 pm - December 14th, 2018

There’s never a good time for a heating system breakdown, but it’s especially inconvenient in the middle of the winter. What’s more, those issues tend to arise when you’re out holiday shopping, so they seem even more expensive to fix! The good news is that by keeping an eye out for some signs that your heating system needs to be replaced, you can stay ahead of mid-winter breakdowns!

Watch for these symptoms of a failing heating system:

Strange Noises

A heating system in good shape will operate with minimal noise. If new sounds are beginning to jump out at you throughout the day, call Sound Energy right away to make sure that nothing serious is going on with the equipment.

Constant Cycling 

A cycle is when your heating system has brought the temperature inside your home to the set temperature on your thermostat, and so it shuts off. When the temperature drops again, the system turns back on. If, however, there are fewer “breaks” in between cycles, your heating equipment may be inefficient and could be burning more fuel than it used to.

Condensation on Windows

Your heating system should help regulate the moisture in your home’s air, but it shouldn’t be dramatically adding moisture to the point where condensation is forming on your windows.

Increasingly High Heating Bills

Over time, your equipment’s efficiency will degrade. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice that you’re spending more to keep your home warm than you used to when you first had your equipment installed. A new, high-efficiency system can help reduce your bills by 40%!

High Frequency of Repairs

Repair costs can pile up with old heating equipment as you try and stay ahead of the normal wear and tear. Eventually, it’ll make more financial sense to replace your heating equipment than it would to keep throwing your money at it. When you’re ready to upgrade, contact Sound Energy

Have you noticed any of these signs lately? Or, maybe you know your heating equipment just isn’t up for lasting through another winter? Either way, give Sound Energy a call and we’ll help you find the perfect, modern, high-efficiency home heating system for you!