A Full Tank Goes a Long Way

- 11:43 am - November 27th, 2019

At Sound Energy we know how important it is for Connecticut homeowners to keep a full heating oil storage tank – and we think homeowners should know, too! Besides being fueled up and ready to go, a full heating oil storage tank protects the integrity of your entire heating system. Here’s why:

  • Empty space in the tank leaves room for water accumulation, which is common during the warm and humid seasons
  • Water accumulation promotes corrosion of the tank, and the development of bacteria and sediment inside the tank
  • Sediment and bacteria can make its way into the heating system, causing blockages and breakdowns
  • If a tank is left completely empty, air can also be drawn into the heating system causing further issues with the equipment and fuel lines 

How can you avoid these problems? Sign up for Automatic Delivery!

Remove the risk of running out of heating oil entirely by enrolling in automatic delivery with Sound Energy! We’ll use your past fuel usage history to estimate your future needs and deliver when you need fuel. This helps keep your heating oil storage tank full and your supply reliable and consistent!

Take advantage of our automatic heating oil delivery service! Contact us online or give us a call to learn more and sign up.